Fast Track Website

Simple = $600 AUD

A “Fast Track Website” is an emergency pivot website that will result in a very simple, templated business website briefed, developed, signed off and delivered all within a period of one week.

Fast Track Website 1

Why have a Fast Track Website?

It is an ideal solution for businesses that find themselves in a difficult spot during times of recession or crisis and who are looking for ways to pivot their business to target new forms of income so as to mitigate the impact of the financial hard times. This gives you a viable option (when you really need it) that will not only see you through the hard times, but also really support the economy and the business.

This emergency fast track website solution can be used by businesses that need to change tack or direction quite quickly so that they are able to focus on a new niche.

The solution is also a good option for any brick and mortar business looking for a quick switch to open up the online channel as a source of business.


Our Responsibility

This fast track website product provides your business with a cost-effective website solution, briefed, developed, signed off and delivered all within a one-week period.

Your Responsibility

This product is not a solution for replacing an old domain or redesigning an existing website, and therefore needs to be built on a fresh, new domain.
In order for us to deliver on this product, it is vital that you give us all the required information we need before we begin work on the website.

This includes:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Content (all)
  • Images (all)

The fast track website product is developed on one templated website design so it is imperative that your images and content are aligned with this layout.

Once we have all of the information we need to build the website, we get working on the website in the live environment and confirm with you in our normal communication process that the work has been done.

Once you have confirmed that the website is OK, we open up communication for ONE round only of cleanups on the website. This is not a redesign of the website at all, but simply a cleanup of what was in the initial brief.

Fast Track Website 2


Since this is a fast track product and intended to be completed in one week and to get the business operating as soon as possible, anything outside the scope of the initial brief will be put into our normal website maintenance process and charged for accordingly.

It is also very important that we reiterate that this product is not a solution for replacing an old domain, but rather needs to be built on a fresh, new domain.

What’s next

Once you have commenced operations, you can discuss with our support team possibilities around implementing an SEO strategy, improvement of the copywriting on the website and potentially a PPC campaign to bring attention to your new business endeavour.

Your Fast Track Website is only $600.
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