Rapidly Get More Awesome Reviews and Ratings To Boost up Google Rank

How reviews management can help your business.

First, let’s start with potential customers. They want a company that provides them with high quality and will offer sustainable customer service so they don’t have to return again-and-again because of damage or poor workmanship.

If this is the type of company you are running, then it’s important that potential customers find out about it before any other one in order to get more sales and referrals.

The best way people find out about these businesses through reviews! And reviews are easy enough to record on Google My Business…or even better? You could ask your satisfied customers for feedback and reviews once the service is completed, while you are fresh in their mind.

– Google Reviews also benefit your business with increased traffic and conversions. A study by BrightLocal found that 97% of consumers read reviews before they buy, and 78% trust them as much or more than personal recommendations from friends or family members – which means if you have a higher number of customer testimonials on Google My Business page, then potential customers will be less likely to go elsewhere for their needs because they’re confident in what’s being offered online.

– More positive ratings lead to more sales; not only does it increase the chances of people seeing your company when checking out pages like “reputable companies near me”, but businesses with high star ratings are 27 times more likely to show up at the top spot in SERP (search engine results page).

Benefits of Google My Business Reviews:

– Builds trust and credibility by showing that you have a history with potential customers.

– Shows your work to be endorsed by others, not just yourself or one good review on Yelp! (where the algorithm can make it seem like they are false).

– Increases customer confidence, traffic and boost sales. The more reviews you get for being dependable in certain areas – the higher ranking your company will hold. For example, if you specialize in plumbing repairs Tampa Florida residents rave about how quickly their problem was taken care of at an affordable price…they’re probably going to choose YOU first when something happens again because they know what to expect from past experience. It also decreases any impact of a negative review being left later.

People will also come to a decision about what they want before you even have the chance to close them. If your company isn’t listed, but they know of one that is and it’s for the same service at an affordable price – more often than not, they’ll choose that other business instead because they’re confident in what to expect from their past experience with them. This means less potential customers coming into contact with you and having any opportunity to buy a product or service!

– Google My Business ranking improves as reviews increase; this helps new customer conversion rates through search engine optimization (SEO) by showing a more favourable view of your company than competitors.

Many business owners don’t put enough emphasis on reviews.

They think it’s not important, or they’re too busy to ask for a review. The truth is that if you don’t ask for Google Reviews… your competitors will and customers will go to them instead of you.

It’s true!

Just think how you are influenced by star ratings or check reviews while “researching” before a purchase.

  • Under 4 stars and you are thinking “hmm maybe not.”. ⭐️⭐️
  • 4-5 stars and often your decision is made. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The more reviews, the better your star rating and reputation on Google becomes (which in turn drives more traffic).

So what are you waiting for?

We can help you automate this to Get More Customers & Sales with your Better Online Reputation!