Owie and Leanne the Lobsters Play Tricks on Jack the Jellyfish.

One warm summer day, Owie the Lobster was sleeping on a rock after eating lots of marsh-mellows, and Leanne snuck up to him quietly. She reached out her claw and tickled Owie. He jumped up and was now super awake.

They had lots of giggles.

Owie was wanting to play a trick and so Leanne started to run away. Owie chased her around the rock, but she was too fast for him. He had an idea so he made a different noise each time he got close to her. She turned back and found that Owie was now behind her! That’s when she knew he was going to tickle her.

But then she looked further in the distance and saw Jack the jellyfish coming towards her. Then Leanne thought that this was a trick!

She swam to Owie and he tickled her right before the jellyfish wiggled his tentacles at them. They laughed, but then they heard more noises coming from behind them so they continued swimming away as fast as possible.

“Hey wait!”, said Jack. “I’m only joking and I won’t sting you guys.”

“Owie!”, said Leanne. “Did you hear that?”

Owie and Leanne the Lobsters Play Tricks on Jack the Jellyfish. 1

“I did”, he replied, and they both laughed again as Jack wiggled his tentacles at them.

They then swam off to find a new hiding place in the ocean before their next trick! They were determined to try harder this time because it was soon time for a snack. “Let’s do one more trick before our snacktime” said Leanne.

“That’s a great idea!”, said Owie, and they swam back to the jellyfish.

Owie waved his claws in front of Jack so he thought that Leanne was waving her tentacles at him! The two had tricked the Jellyfish again because it wasn’t time for their snack yet and now there is one more longer trick they will do.

“Tag” laughed Owie as he swam quickly away.

“You’re it!” laughed Leanne, and she swam to where Owie was hiding.

Jack never knew what was going on because he had been tricked again!

The two friends raced to find a new hiding place and then Jack tried to find them.

“Where are you guys?” sang out Jack. The great thing was that the other fishy friends suddenly joined in the game to help Jack find the lobsters.

Jack, who was being helped by the other fish friends, could be seen swimming around in circles as he looked for Owie and Leanne.

“There they are!” cried Jack when he finally spotted them hiding behind a rock that was near his home. “I found you now! I have you both.”

Owie and Leanne giggled as the 3 friends went to Jack’s house for snacktime.

“Let’s have marsh-mellows so we can fill our bellies!” said Jack.

“Great idea”, said Owie. “I’ll get the marshmellows.”

“I will get the marsh-mellow jar and the oven mitts”, said Leanne.

But when they got to Jack’s house, there were no marsh-mallows! “Where are all of our yummy marsh-mellows?” asked Owie as he looked around on the kitchen counter.

“Hmmm” said Jack. “I thought they were in this jar.” Then he realised he ate them all yesterday.

Owie and Leanne giggled as they looked at Jack’s sad face.

“I guess I was tricked”, said Jack with a shrug of his jellyfish arms

Moments later, Owie came back from the pantry holding a big plate of marsh-mellows he had found there. “What do you say, we share these, guys?” he laughed.

“Ahhh! you tricked me” giggled Jack happily.

Owie and Leanne giggled as they shared the yummy marsh-mellows with Jack.

“We will have to get you some more,” said Owie, “but not tomorrow.”

“No!”, laughed Jack, “Tomorrow is Easter!”

“True!”, agreed Leanne. “The Easter Shark is coming tomorrow. He is super friendly.”

Next the friends all had a sleep while they waited for the Easter Shark.

Owie and Leanne the Lobsters Play Tricks on Jack the Jellyfish. 2
Photo by rohit from Pexels

They woke up when it went “rooooaaaarrr!”.

“Oh! Hello Easter Shark”, said Leanne, “We are glad to see you!”

“Yes, very happy,” said Owie. “We were waiting for you.”

Owie was a little freaked out and hid behind Jack’s jellyfish arm. But the Easter Shark just smiled at him and licked his big green tongue over his face before giving them all hugs with his long slimy fins!

What a happy day.

The End